Georgina makes a turbulent return to the Riviera, determined to conceal Adam’s murder from the Clios family, only to find a sinister message waiting for her: someone knows her secret. Georgina sets out on a quest to confront her accuser that brings her into contact with the intriguing Daphne Eltham.


Georgina is determined to get her life back on track, but faces police scrutiny when a friend’s death is revealed to be murder. Meanwhile a familiar face from season one makes a return, Georgina becomes more closely acquainted with Nico and Cassandra Eltham, and Christos throws himself into a risky new venture.


While attending her father’s funeral in the US, Georgina is reunited with her charismatic Uncle Jeff; together they uncover the truth about her mother’s death. Meanwhile, a suspicious Irina enlists help to find her missing son Adam, and Christos’ horse has its first race.


Georgina prepares to launch her exhibition with Jeff and Noah at her side, while Irina draws closer to the truth about Adam. Irina and Georgina have a heated conversation that has the potential to change the future of the Clios family.


When Georgina realises that Irina intends to make her suffer, she throws herself into the quest for Noah’s lost painting – and the trail ends somewhere too close for comfort. Adriana and Nico Eltham get closer, despite Christos’ warnings.


Georgina confesses her darkest truth to a horrified Jeff. While he confronts a distraught Irina over her part in the conspiracy of silence, an explosive secret held by Cassandra finally gets out. Georgina is called to the fort where she comes face to face with a familiar face from her past.


Georgina attends her friend’s memorial to channel a new found grief, while Nico sets his sights on the Clios empire, dropping a bombshell which threatens to explode the family and send shockwaves through the Elthams. And Georgina learns Noah isn’t all he seems to be…


Georgina has to reveal a dark and difficult truth to the Clios family to try and protect the empire from Nico. The ensuing chaos leads Georgina to resort to desperate measures.


Georgina learns surprising news about Nico – but as she homes in on the proof, events take a horrifying turn. Jeff’s loyalty to Georgina is pushed to its limit, while Irina threatens to crack under pressure as the family’s suspicions grow.


With Irina hospitalised by a family feud, Georgina sees the terrible damage that her lies and actions have caused the family. Adriana runs to the Eltham family and Nico, while Christos begins to piece together the jigsaw puzzle of Georgina’s lies.