As successful art curator Georgina Clios bids on a painting in New York, her husband Constantine Clios, head of the Clios Bank and a powerful figure on the Riviera, is killed in a yacht explosion. Constantine’s children from his first marriage, Adam, Christos and Adriana, struggle to come to terms with their father’s death while his ex-wife Irina uses his death to reassert her position in the family. The police believe the explosion is an accident but Georgina begins to suspect that it may have been murder – or even that Constantine may still be alive…


Georgina discovers that Interpol, led by Officer Jukes,
are investigating Constantine for money laundering and art forgery. She refuses to believe in her husband’s criminality until she learns that he was in contact with an old friend of hers who operates at the shadier end of the art world – Robert Carver. In an effort to save the Clios Bank, which is in danger of falling apart after Constantine’s death, Irina strikes a deal with Jakob Negrescu, a prominent figure in the Riviera underworld. Police Inspector Karim Delormes is also interested in Negrescu, but because he suspects the crime lord is somehow linked to the yacht explosion.


Now convinced that her husband is dead, Georgina searches for clues as to what he was doing on the yacht the night he was killed. Are the answers to be found with Grigory Litvinov, the son of the oligarch Constantine was meeting that night? Or perhaps Constantine’s forger holds the key? Or could the truth be found in the safe room her husband installed not long before his death? Desperate for the truth, Georgina gathers the family together to question them, while secretly hatching an alternative plan. Christos’s hedonistic behaviour spirals out of control and throws him into Negrescu’s orbit. Meanwhile, the only survivor from the yacht explosion, ‘Elena’, awakens.


What Georgina discovers in the safe room forces her to question everything she thought she knew about her husband and their marriage. It also leads her to suspect that mysterious art collector Jon Brandeis may know the truth behind her husband’s murder. But can she track this elusive figure down? Following the murderous trail left by ‘Elena’, Delormes encounters a Syrian sex worker, Fatima, who may be able to help him bring Negrescu to justice.


Georgina has located Jon Brandeis, but his identity only raises more questions. Increasingly frustrated, she uses the Clios Foundation’s lavish annual fundraising gala, which Irina is hosting, to interrogate the one person she believes holds the key to Constantine’s criminal activities. The gala also allows Adam to finally step into his father’s shoes and Adriana to forge an unexpected relationship. The girl who survived the explosion crashes the party; ‘Elena’ turns out not to be her name but, rather, what she’s searching for…


In the aftermath of the murder at the gala, the Clios family are questioned by the police. Georgina begins to suspect that Adam has some connection to the murderer and uses his feelings for her to try to tease out the truth. Irina finally confronts Christos’s drug addiction and works with Georgina to get her son the help he needs. Carver learns that Jukes’s net is closing in on Georgina and steps in to try to thwart him. Meanwhile, Delormes discovers something among the remains recovered from the yacht explosion that may unlock the true motive for Constantine’s murder.


Jukes intends to charge Georgina with Constantine’s crimes and send her to prison for a very long time. Furious, she vows to force him to close his investigation once and for all. She and Carver hatch a plan to frame Brandeis for everything, but there’s one obstacle standing in their way: the fact that Brandeis doesn’t exist. Adriana and Sophie’s friendship begins to blossom and Irina also takes her relationship with Negrescu to the next level by revealing a dark family secret.


With Jukes vanquished, it appears as if the family is out of danger – until Georgina is threatened by a stranger who demands she hands over the mysterious ‘Elena’ device. In order to try to nullify this threat, Georgina must join forces with an unlikely ally. Adriana discovers Irina’s secret and the long- simmering feud with her mother finally comes to a head. Rehab is going well for a sober and rejuvenated Christos, until a new relationship puts him in danger.


As Georgina and Robert hunt for the mysterious ‘Elena’ key, Christos is kidnapped and Georgina must put her problems with Irina to one side in order to try to extricate him. To ensure his safety, Georgina has to cross a line she can never return from. Adriana confronts Adam about his altercation with Georgina while Delormes works out who has been working against him and attempts to bring them to justice…


The murder of one of her loved ones pushes Georgina to the edge, doubling her resolve to free the family from danger before anyone else is killed. To do this she must face the danger head-on. The rest of the family hunker down in the villa under the protective wing of Negrescu. But when Fatima’s connection to Negrescu is revealed, Irina is forced to make a choice between her lover and her family. Georgina discovers a message from Constantine, apparently from beyond the grave… could it finally lead her to the truth?